Lullaby For Scavengers

Lullaby For Scavengers…Returns

after a sell out 2022 run…the show returns

Soho Theatre 15-8 March 2023 Tickets are available here.

The Guardian 5 star review here 

(the show is coming over from that Belgium and its been expensive to put on..and I’m battling to keep the prices down.. I’ve asked Soho to provide a some cheaper tickets..for those peeps that are unwaged/cant afford it/students etc….these will be made available with a private code..details will be provided on a Mail-Out from my website soon. or contact me direct)


Additional Information

  • Squirell’s Novella might be available after the show…if she can find a suitable printer.
  • Legally I am not allowed to reveal the name of the cleaning company  app that I currently work for…but if you do need house cleaning contact me for details.
  • squirrel is in discussion with DEEWEE studios about the tracks being made available. this may be in 2023
  • My book might even be made available after the show
  • I am hoping Lullaby For Scavengers will be performed outside of London..we are currently in discussions with venues across the UK. more details will follow. but not shortly.




To celebrate the fucken Jubilee I printed up my own SPECIAL Daily Mail Supplement and added them to the vomit ridden newspapers on the shelves