Lullaby For Scavengers

after what could be days…weeks years in a sewer…. the critically acclaimed show  Lullaby For Scavengers is coming to the UK

Soho Theatre 15-24 September 2022 Tickets are available here.

(the show is coming over from that Belgium and its been expensive to put on….but because tickets are expensive I’ve asked Soho to provide a few  Pay What You Can tickets..for those peeps that are unwaged/cant afford it….only a few are available on a first come first serve basis.   Contact me directly with the date and price)


Additional Information

  • Squirell’s Novella might be available after the show…if she can find a suitable printer.
  • Legally I am not allowed to reveal the name of the cleaning company  app that I currently work for…but if you do need house cleaning contact me for details.
  • squirrel is in discussion with DEEWEE studios about the tracks being made available. this may be in 2023