last nighty night.


joplin said: “On stage, I make love to 25,000 different people, then I go home alone.”

well tonight there were 146 people in. so thats at least a semi. then i went home alone.


thank you to all that came down to see it, and the kind words.

sad times.

hope to see you in B&Q soon.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE returns to London



You’re Not Alone returns to Soho Theatre this festive season from  Tue 8 Dec – Sat 9 Jan, 7.15pm

For tickets book here

(because you’re really quite nice i got the theatre to set up a special promo code for you: KIM15FB  which gets you £5 off.)

still dance b&Q

So tell your mates, your pets and your grans and lets dance…byeeeeeeeeeee


living in a showroom wardrobe

In 2016 i intend to spend a week living in a department store showroom wardrobe. sleeping over night inside it and in the  day wandering the

aisles. i’ll take all my provisions with me, and large empty bottle to wee in (although there is a toilet in the store) and possibly a book by Alan Titchmarsh. I’m hoping it will provide me with an insight into the human condition. I won’t disclose which store because i don’t want to be found out.

but i might send a tweet. or document it.

i had a practise to acclimatise.  i sat in here for 5hours. no one noticed. it was fucken dull.

message for the plumber

Today a plumber came round to fix a leaking toilet.

Before He arrived i left him a short message just

behind the U-bend & sewage outflow pipe.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 17.19.37

he told

me his name was Dave. I had no reason to doubt him.

This is Dave, looking lovely,  & finding the message and then repairing the Sewage Outlet.



this was the message.

note to plumber

Dave repaired the leak. he said goodbye to me. but never mentioned the note.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 17.18.06

bye dave

New Improved Parking Restriction Signs

new sign2


most days i would wander passed this impotent looking signpost.
It looked so sad. With out a Purpose. i know how it feels.

disused pole


So I got a new improved parking restriction sign made up for it. (and a couple more for Unused Signposts in the area)

new sign1
new sign3

study of a bored cashier. (acrylic on cleaning spray bottle)

i bought a angle grinder and some cleaning spray.
i painted the bored cashier on the spray and put it back in the store.
i will let you know what i did with the angle-grinder another time.