A Sad Notice Board

This empty Community Notice Board seemed quite sad, bereft of purpose,  

Its been empty for years.  

So I’ve purloined it as an art gallery. 

(check back for more images soon)

Advice For Indoor Planting.

Masking tape & relationships

About  4 years ago…I made a somewhat misguided romantic (perhaps creepy) gesture for a girlfriend. I attached a flower to every lamppost and street sign in the area where they lived. The person in question didn’t like the flowers. or the gesture  And in any case they died within a week. (the flowers not the girlfriend).  

1 month later the relationship ended…leaving just dead stalks attached to lampposts.

Today, four years, on I walked down the street by chance..and there at each pillar and post, the slight remnants of the tapes adhesive. A faint reminder of the marks relationships can leave on lampposts. 


Moral: always use stronger masking tape. 

Art On Empty Shelves

Stock Pile, Panic Buy, Hoard food…Leave the shelves empty… and lets put art there.

Tescos Express Kentish Town





Tescos Express Camden Road





Sainsburys Local York Way



Morrisons Peckham

Keith (an unfinished study of a cashier left on the shelf where he works/worked)



Morrisons Camden




An Audio Series

so…i’ve spent some time in a cupboard..sometime underground..sometime recording a squirrel getting battered to death…and all of this sound will form an audio series available* exclusively on Spotify from Spring 2020


*please note if my last projects are anything to go by it will be banned/canned or cancelled in feb 2020.

A Conversation about a hole

fifty shades of something.

pop up addition to fifty shades of grey. the last 24 pages have also been changed

hoping to ride of this books popularity for my publication


At the request of the staff,  my large screen installation will now not be shown TUMULTINGENT 6  Art festival, Gent.

Causing offence, inappropriate messages on stealing and eating a book on Schopenhauer have been cited as 3 of possible reasons.

(there were no cocks or shit  involved in the work at all)

so today i might do a watercolour instead.


Question and Answers Sessions suck balls.

(article for Draff Magazine) 

There comes a time in every man’s life where one has to face facts: they have to attend a Q&A session. For some this comes at a theatre, for others it may be a cinema screening or conference hall. It might even be online via the World Wide Web.

It’s a right of passage moment and aren’t that the truth…..

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Easter Message to Natwest Bank