not porno.

screengrab pornhub
I made a very short video.
I think its best suited to a pornographic website. Although it contains no nudity at all.

Click   HERE   to view the video


were YOU satisfied?


Penis Size

I am delighted to announce that from this angle i have a bigger penis than the empire state building

I’ve Written In Your Diary


KIM NOBLE is sexual restricted

its been brought to my attention that at several offices around the country my blog has been blocked. With ‘sex’ being the main reason

i hate to feel i’m responsible for declining workrates of this countries wonderful workforce.

so from now on i’m personally filtering all my content

so don’t click here
or here or here

and i’d advise you dont click here without parental constent.

avoid this link if you are at work.
Concentrate please! This country needs you! so dont distract your self with this filth or this

Keep working! thankyou.