me on Brian Gittins Podcast.

But One Day…..

A live Chat with EE about going to Belgium & other things that affect us all.

i’m going to belgium and i wanted  to know about data roaming charges on my phone.
So i spoke to Vipul at EE about it. here…..

live chat ee

NEW Airbus 320 Safety Instructions

in airplaneIMG_9784 copy

i went on an

Airbus320. took home various safety instruction cards and duplicated them with additions and put them back on the return flight. I’m hoping they are more true to life.

IMG_9784 copy





If Rene Descartes Designed Hotel Room Emergency Exit Plans…


I trust this change will help new occupants of room 115 during any emergency situation.



European stuff.

trying to improve my german


was delighted to be sent this badge of honour. from a learn german app.

its worth more than a degree nowadays.

(i used to be proud of being English.
now I’m just disgusted.)

i realise this will be read by mostly sympathetic readers.. ..but for those of you who voted for hatred and bigotry..i’d like a word with you cunts. No really.

Byebye Europe

my time living in Munich is nearly

up and I’ve had the fortune of working with some great artists on various projects including this one.

if you’re in Munich, Bangkok or NewYork you may even see it.



£0 raised for a great cause



.. i ran 13 miles to raise awareness of  my issue with a vermin in my ceiling. its keeping me

awake at night.

(its worth noting that Eddie Izzard raised £1,300,000 for another cause)

You’re Not Alone (terrifed in manchester, Belfast, Munich)

John, the lorry driver from manchester, has been invited to the show on 12th march in manchester….he has yet to respond. so theres a chance i may or may not be le cialis est il rembourse beaten up during or afterwards. Something to look

forward to.
You’re Not

Alone then travels to Belfast & acheter sildenafil 100mg tab Munich….with other dates to be added…soon-ish

Tickets for manchester